(Coming to you LIVE in Singapore, Thursday 7 September 2017, 7pm)
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Are you marketing your resale listings and new project launch like all the other agents fighting for the same pool of buyers?  
If so, why would any potential buyer want to contact you when you are not much different from the rest?
"How you can start generating leads using done-for-you online Unorthodox Automation Funnels - without website designers and technical skills?"
Date: 7 September 2017, Thursday , 7pm
Venue: 3 Bishan Place #06-03 (Bishan CPF Building, beside Junction 8) - 6th Floor
The FREE Power-Packed Workshop That
Real Estate Agents Are Talking About
What You Will Learn In This Free 3 Hour Workshop
  •  3 common online mistakes agents make that lose their online visitors almost immediately
  •  How you could design an online marketing funnel, so that business leads are ready to buy from you even before meeting you!
  •  Real life case studies, using Real Estate Agents, Tuition Agencies and eCommerce that everyone is familiar with.
  •  How you can leverage on powerful tools, such as Clickfunnels that has generated multi-millions for internet marketers to power-boost your marketing strategies with LIVE demonstration, and copy their exact same strategies!
  •  How you can start putting your knowledge and expertise online with done-for-you marketing & sales funnels
100% Free Educational Workshop
Your business is more than just a website. Learn the concepts of building effective online leads/sales generation funnels. And LIVE demo on how you can achieve that using the powerful Clickfunnels platform business builder.
3 Bishan Place 6th Floor Seminar Room 
Conveniently located beside Bishan Junction 8 / MRT.   Entrance at 6th floor lift lobby
7 September 2017,
Thursday 7 pm

Please be on-time so that you get the maximum benefits from the session.
Is it a channel to promote other business?
No, it is purely to share advanced online leads generation strategies and tools that very few real estate agents are practising - in simple language. And this workshop has nothing to do with other ventures or businesses. The topics of discussion will be focused on common challenges that agents face when they are putting their businesses online.
What would you be covering?
Advanced concepts will be explained in simple layman terms, with case studies and live demo.  See above content for details.

Are you selling another workshop?
Not only am I not promoting my other workshops, I will show you how you can come for my next implementation workshop for zero fees.  And qualify for done-for-you tools to help you immediately in your business. 

What if I have little technical knowledge?
Whether you have a lot of or zero technical knowledge, this workshop is for you because you can start implementing advanced online strategies with zero technical background - at the click of a button. 

Can I bring friends along?
Definitely, please ask them to register HERE

Does the concept apply to other offline businesses?
Yes, the Business Automation Funnels concepts apply to any sort of business. It doesn't matter if you are eCommerce retailer, coach, personal trainer, insurance agent, tuition teacher, sales trainer, speaker, network marketer, small business owner, dentist, doctor or F&B operator - as long as you are reaching out to your prospects or customers online, you will be able to benefit from this FREE workshop.  Due to time constraints, we will be using real estate profession and tuition agencies to illustrate the concepts in this workshop. 

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